Efficient Climate Control Communicates Better With WorkPal

by | Oct 26, 2020

About Efficient Climate Control

Air conditioning and mechanical services company, Efficient Climate Control, has been setting the standard in air conditioning for over 8 years. The business has experienced steady growth since its inception, expanding its service offerings and product knowledge over the years. Efficient Climate Control works with well-known customers all over Ireland and has a skilled team of field engineers, offering a 24/7 call-out service in case of emergencies.


Workforce Management Issues

Despite the current climate, the business has had an influx of jobs that span the length and breadth of the country in recent months. Being inundated with jobs and operating with an outdated, paper-based system has proved to be a challenge for both office staff and field engineers. “We have been very lucky to have had no shortage of work. As a result, trying to get dockets and job sheets back to the office was difficult and costly as we were diverting engineers from jobs in order to get job reports back.”

Having engineers working in different locations on a daily basis can be a challenge without a cloud-based software solution to help everyone communicate. “The engineers had no access to previous reports. Time was being wasted finding the same faults on systems multiple times.”


Benefits of Using WorkPal

From a drag and drop scheduling feature to asset management scanning, WorkPal’s workforce management software makes mobile working seamless for everyone involved in the operations process. Digital forms and mandatory checklists have helped Efficient Climate Control manage their employees, fleet vehicles and equipment much better. “We were able to consolidate our timesheets app, vehicle inspections, ladder inspections and maintenance records into one single piece of HVAC management software.

“Our engineers are now able to see the history of the systems they are working on.” Information that is logged by an engineer is automatically synced back to the office and stored within WorkPal, giving instant access to information that is needed to complete jobs efficiently. “Everyone has a clear view of their schedules and office staff can easily see engineer availability and location to schedule future work.”

WorkPal is a complete end-to-end solution for businesses on the go. “Our team can now generate a quote with ease and with one click.” All labour and materials for a job are kept within the system making future quotes much more accurate and professional. “Our quote can be converted to a job, this job can then be completed and signed off by the customer and finally, invoiced.”


Enhanced Business Capabilities

The ability to integrate with various other software’s is what cements WorkPal as an essential business tool. It can easily be incorporated into your business with full training on the system provided as part of the implementation phase.

“We have seen a huge improvement in time management from both office staff and field engineers. We can focus on generating new work and developing the business. It has centralised all of our paperwork, making it easier to keep track of.”


Would you recommend WorkPal?

“We would definitely recommend WorkPal. The team make everything very easy, especially in the beginning when you are developing your system. They give you realistic time frames and once you are up and running the benefits are great.”


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