Streamling Alpha Facilities Maintenance’s Mobile Workforce

by | Nov 2, 2020

About Alpha Facilities Maintenance Ltd

Dublin based business, Alpha Facilities Management, specialises in commercial and retail HVAC systems offering custom solutions and comprehensive recommendations to businesses throughout Ireland. As an expert, full-service and maintenance contractor, Alpha Facilities Management offer design, build, installation, repair replacement HVAC and systems of planned preventative maintenance.

Mobile Workforce Management Issues

Operating a paper based system can be extremely time consuming and often creates issues when storing hard copies of information. After experiencing steady growth, the business was finding it more and more difficult to manage its paperwork. “As the company got bigger, so too did the paperwork. From filing to uploading job sheets, it was becoming very time consuming.”

Benefits of WorkPal

From job scheduling to invoicing, WorkPal is a complete end-to-end workforce management solution that streamlines every aspect of your business operations. By investing in a software solution, all your important information is stored in the cloud with instant access for all your employees no matter their location.

“Having all the job information at the touch of a button streamlined our processes, especially our quoting and reporting systems. It massively reduced the time spent on checking sheets of paper.”

Offering a 24hr emergency support service, Alpha Facilities Maintenance need access to information on assets quickly. The asset management feature within WorkPal allows engineers to scan either a QR code or barcode which has service history and parts stored, helping to speed up the process. “WorkPal has given us more time to grow the business.”

Enhanced Business Capabilities

Creating a more streamlined process means improved service delivery for your clients. By offering client and subcontractor portal access, customers are able to log in and view any job information you wish them to see including job status, assets and completed work. “WorkPal has helped us to create an amazing service for our customers.”

Would You Recommend WorkPal?

”I would highly recommend using WorkPal.”


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