Temple Electrical Services Operates Better With WorkPal

by | Apr 2, 2021

About Temple Electrical Services

“One-stop shop” electrical contractor, Temple Electrical Services, is a forward-thinking, NICEIC approved business located in Carryduff, Northern Ireland. Operating across the country, the company services a variety of businesses, taking on full projects from concept through to completion. Temple Electrical Services is a specialist in the electrical industry and come with a tailored approach to each individual client.

Reasons for Moving to WorkPal

“We had taken on a multi-site social housing contract for response maintenance and small works which came with a lot of challenges,” explains Steven Cray, Director at Temple Electrical Services. “Firstly tracking and monitoring our jobs on a daily basis plus invoicing and certification was a very lengthy process. We felt a need for job management software so we could see all our jobs in one place and their job status i.e. whether they are completed, in progress, invoicing etc. This would simplify our systems and allow us more time to focus on service as opposed to admin.”

The Benefits of using WorkPal

WorkPal has massively simplified our entire process, says Steven. “From receiving the initial job to completion and invoicing, we no longer have messy spreadsheets, missing paperwork missing certification. WorkPal has brought this all into one place for us and we can schedule our jobs, track our engineers and when the completions come to us we can invoice at the click of a button.”

The Implementation Stage

WorkPal has a dedicated team of software consultants, software developers and implementation to help manage the entire process and make it as streamlined as possible. Steven highlights, “The implementation process was very straightforward. We would have thought this would have been a difficult task but from getting our system on a Friday afternoon we had an engineer using it the following day, then another using it the following week as a test, then the whole team went live the following week once we got to grips with it. Our mobile engineers found it very user-friendly.”

Training the Team

Getting a workforce on-board with change, especially technological change can be difficult, however, our team has over 10 years experience in client management and we ensure that the customer is completely satisfied during their time with WorkPal.

Steven adds, “Chris who took us from sales to training, to going live couldn’t have been more helpful. There were some evenings I had been working on the system and would send him a query not expecting a reply until the following morning but he would come back with a response quite often that evening to assist in any way he could.”

The WorkPal team incorporates a technical business support department, dedicated to helping customers with any queries they have. A customer success manager is responsible for working with customers on a proactive basis to continually improve customer experience.

Recommending WorkPal

“I would absolutely recommend Workpal, in fact, I have done on several occasions already and I hope that I can spread the word and other companies can receive the help that mine has”, says Steven.