Pump Technology Services Move To A Paperless Job Management System

by | May 13, 2021

About Pump Technology Services

Pump Technology Services is a pump service and maintenance company, specialising in clean and wastewater applications. Located in Berkshire the business operates across the country and installing, servicing and maintaining equipment. With field engineers regularly out on client sites, Pump Technology Services needed a reliable software solution to manage their workflow processes and become more efficient.

What were Pump Technology Services Job Management Issues?

“We had a few reasons for moving to a paperless job management system, the organisation of jobs being one. The more jobs we had coming in from clients, the hard they were becoming to manage. We have clients all over the country and assigning jobs to engineers was difficult.”

The business was also having issues with collating data for future site visits, maintaining customer information and managing on-site assets.

Benefits of WorkPal for Pump Technology Services?

With WorkPal’s paperless job management system, Pump Technology Services can store all data in one place. “All information is on one, easy to use platform.”

As a servicing and maintenance business, the company relies on recurring jobs from its clients. With WorkPal, recurring jobs can be set to automatically populate with all the previous jobs information. This saves time and ensures no jobs are missed. Engineers have a full overview of service history and can complete the job more efficiently.

Another benefit of WorkPal is that it can integrate with various accountancy packages. This means once a job is signed off by the client, data is synced back to the office an invoice is easily generated. Faster quoting and invoicing will improve your businesses cash flow.

How did WorkPal Enhance Business Capabilities?

“WorkPal has streamlined the inputting of data for us.”

The amount of time saved in administrative work is significant for both back-office staff and engineers in the field. It also drastically reduces travel time, saving money on fuel and enabling more jobs to be completed per day.

“The system is very easy to use. The WorkPal interface is clean and simple and having the ability to personalise the dashboard to suit our business needs is great.”

Would You Recommend WorkPal?

“Before moving to a paperless job management system, we had been recommended to WorkPal by another business. It has been an invaluable addition to the business and we would recommend it to others within our industry.”

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