by | Oct 6, 2020


Infrastructure operations and maintenance provider, Greentown Environmental Ltd, is the largest weed control provider in Ireland, also specialising in Grounds Maintenance, Drainage Services and Winter Maintenance. They work with clients such as local authorities, central government departments and a range of corporate customers in city, urban and rural areas.

Greentown Environmental provides a high level of customer service and continues to maintain professional health & safety and environmental standards year on year.

Greentown Traffic Management Ltd was formed in December 2015, specialising in all aspects of traffic management. Services include all types of traffic management in urban, rural and dual carriageway environments. Greentown Traffic Management also carry out cone & barrier deployment, event traffic signage, design & consultancy and temporary road restraint systems. Their clients consist of the public and private sector throughout Ireland. Greentown Traffic Management is a dynamic and forward thinking company that is excited about its future growth prospects.



Due to the nature of their business, Greentown carries out a large range of different services, operating a mobile workforce across Ireland. Communication between office and field staff is critical in order to provide a high-quality service to their clients. “We wanted to streamline the way we organised works and help improve lines of communication.”

Greentown needed access to relevant job information in order to make decisions about future works. “We wanted to see the progress of works in real time and have more accurate timings of the jobs so we could improve efficiency and make cost savings where possible.”

The team at Greentown were experiencing a growing amount of paperwork, which adds to the time spent on administration. “We wanted to integrate our health and safety and garage facilities more effectively with our services, creating a paper free environment.”



WorkPal’s Scheduling Software allows office staff to allocate jobs to mobile workers quickly and effectively. The dashboard is built to ensure job conflicts do not occur and users can see exactly what is happening in real time allowing them to plan for future works and allocate resources. “We can now plan our works across all services more efficiently and we can ensure that resources are not doubled booked.”

A Live Jobs List helps office staff keep track of the status of jobs. “We can view where our crews are and the status of the job they are working on. The crews can send through photos of their work/sites from their tablet and our office staff are able to view them instantly.”

To ensure users can keep track of your mobile workforce, WorkPal incorporates a GPS Location Tracking feature, allowing you to assign, monitor and track mobile workers and continually optimise performance. The location tracking tool gives users full visibility of an engineer’s activities, including their current location and where they will be going. “We can see where our crews are at all times, so in the event, we have emergency works we can choose the crew who is closest to that area. We can also use this to help improve route optimisation to reduce our carbon footprint.”

Making the transition to a fully paperless office will significantly reduce the time spent on administration duties. WorkPal’s Digital Forms means you can incorporate all existing paperwork into the system. “We have been able to vastly reduce our paper usage by moving to electronic time sheets and we can accurately assess costings for our works.” By integration Greentown’s time sheets, engineers can complete this via their mobile tablet, instantly send to the office and all information is stored within WorkPal. This prevents any paperwork from getting lost and significantly cuts down on time spent driving to and from the office.

When managing a mobile workforce, vehicle checks become especially important. WorkPal can prompt all drivers to complete a vehicle check before commencing their day’s work. This means any damage is logged and repairs can be scheduled. “Our crews are able to complete vehicle checks and they are sent instantly to the garage so we can arrange the appropriate repairs, which in turn reduces downtime.”

Job Invoicing can be generated and emailed directly to a customer once the job has been closed off. All information including time spent of jobs and materials used are stored within the job file. This speeds up the entire invoicing process, ensuring no invoices are missed and improving cash flow. “Once jobs are closed off, our contract administrators are now able to see this and can invoice these works more promptly.”

WorkPal also helps improve communications with clients through its Job Reporting Feature. “At our client’s request, we can provide job reports, outlining all tasks completed, the crew responsible and time is taken for the job. We can send client reports highlighting works that have been completed for that week and what work is scheduled.”



“The tenders we compete in are becoming more focused on the use of technology, both in the office and on the ground. We knew this was an area we needed to improve on, so after assessing our options we decided that WorkPal was the best fit for us.”

“We are now able to provide a service which is becoming increasingly popular, helping to keep us in an ever-changing business environment.”



“Yes, we would recommend WorkPal. We found the team to be very accommodating to the needs of our business and have helped us move with the times. WorkPal is a reliable and effective mobile workforce management software that is very user friendly.”