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Date: 2nd July 2020


Operating for nearly 30 years, ACR Plumbing & Heating Limited is a specialist in plumbing and heating repairs, services and installs. Founded in 1990, ACR has been working with property management agents, commercial customers and thousands of residential customers. The ACR Plumbing and Heating has a team of highly qualified engineers and registered gas installers working all across Ireland.



When operating across the country with a number of engineers in various locations, workflow management can be difficult. Scheduling and paperwork delays were becoming a problem for ACR and it needed plumbing & heating software to help manage its workforce. “There was always a delay in terms of paperwork and scheduling. Everything was scheduled and arranged through phone calls, which slowed down the business for costings and follow ups.”

The additional time taken to manually schedule jobs meant that the businesses current processes where inefficient.




“With WorkPal all our jobs are now live”, highlights ACR Managing Director, Carol Kavanagh. This allows the desktop user to see status updates in real time. This means scheduling can be done more efficiently and the business can plan for future works without the worry of overlap. The Scheduling Software within WorkPal gives an overview of all jobs within the company, which engineers are working, when they are planned to start and current status. The user friendly interface is ideal for visual planning.

Communications with customers has significantly improved for ACR. “During the Coronavirus Lockdown WorkPal has really helped with emergency only calls.” Customers are kept informed of job status and have the ability to log into their customer portals which gives all important information attached to the job including engineers times, material lists and costs. Carol emphasises, “In any business communication and traceability is key.”

Once a job has been marked as completed on WorkPal, all information is automatically synced back to the office for an invoice to be generated. This can be emailed directly to the client before and engineer even leaves site. “There is no delays in Invoicing with WorkPal”, says Carol. Having all information in the one place means workflow management is made easier; no invoices are missed and payments can be made faster, improving cash flow.

Job Reporting is essential for making informed management decisions to further streamline business operations. This is true for both ACR and its customer. “Job reports in WorkPal are vital for our landlords and customers alike,” says Carol. Reports can be fully customised to display whatever information you need.




“With WorkPal we have much more control of our scheduling and our engineers.” WorkPal gives you a full overview of your workflow management. It also has a GPS Tracking Feature to give you visibility of your engineers location at all times.

“The support from the WorkPal team is excellent and that was a really important factor for us in deciding to go with WorkPal.” We have a team specifically dedicated to supporting you through every stage of the process, from implementation to after sales support. Our live chat services allows us to communicate with customers online and at a time that suits them.

Having a system that is cloud based means all information is stored in one place and accessible to all users. “Gas certs used to go missing and pages got lost in transit, which is a thing of the past.”




“Absolutely, 100% transforms are office and the way we work.”