by | Oct 6, 2020

Envision Intelligent Solutions, who design, install, maintain and monitor a range of security products and services throughout the UK, Ireland, and the US has increased their productivity and generated greater profits all while getting rid of their paper based system thanks to WorkPal.

Envision stand out not only in the security sector, but also in the world of business. They take a unique and innovative approach to provide customers with increased security protection at a reduced cost. WorkPal’s customisable reporting tool allows Envision to create reports in minutes, rather than days, allowing for quicker communication with customers.


Philip Murdock, Managing Director of Envision:


“Installing WorkPal has transformed the way we operate, from job scheduling to reports, everything is more efficient, allowing us to spend more time developing the business and less time trawling through paper work.

“Since using the system WorkPal has made a huge difference in the way our company operates, and the team morale reflects that.

“The transition from our paper based system has been seamless, WorkPal’s dedicated project management team has guided us through every step, and I wouldn’t look back at a paper based system now.

“WorkPal has allowed us to free up time previously spent on admin and put this directly back into the business, making our workforce more productive and ultimately benefitting our customers.”


Ian Megahey, Head of WorkPal Sales:


“WorkPal can be uniquely integrated with a company’s own internal systems, and is extremely user friendly, with completely bespoke packages available.

“Envision was using a number of paper-based forms for each job, the delay in getting job reports and information back to the office, as well as the time taken for data re-entry was proving inefficient and expensive.

“With Workpal, Envision is able to manage their business remotely through online job allocation, job sheets, KPI reporting, photos, signatures and asset management all from the app.

“Our clients benefit from less paper, less admin time, more profit and overall a more transparent experience between them and their customers.

“With features including GPS, time tracking and management, WorkPal increases productivity and allows our clients to capture costs more accurately, putting an end to under billing or under estimating job times by improving quotes.

“One of the most attractive aspects of WorkPal for our customers is WorkPal forms. When setting up your WorkPal install your paper based forms will be developed as part of the system. Data captured from the app will automatically sync back to the desktop providing your forms for email and export, meaning documents can’t be lost.

“Using WorkPal, businesses have saved up to £30,000 per year in administration costs, allowing the money to be put back into the business.

“The bespoke nature of WorkPal means it’s as affordable and flexible as companies require, ultimately saving money and growing profits.”

In the past year, Envision has expanded into the US market, working primarily in Boston. Envision have ambitious growth plans for this area and are currently working at phasing WorkPal into US operations by 2018.


​Ben Magowan, Business Development Manager at WorkPal:


“With sites right across the UK, Envision’s highly skilled engineers are constantly on the go, working to ensure their customers receive top quality maintenance and care.

“Envision needed to ensure mobile workers and customers had a transparent way of working together, and be able to push out information in real time – which WorkPal enables them to do.

“With mirrored company values of service, delivery, exceeding expectations and a client focus, Envision is the perfect example of how WorkPal can work within a company.

“Our sister company, Barclay Communications already provide over 500 sim cards for Envision’s mobile monitoring devices, some of which are already used in the US, so it’s an interesting time for WorkPal to see how we can aid Envision’s growth.
“We’re delighted with the results Envision has achieved with WorkPal so far, and are excited to see how this will develop in 2018.”