by | Oct 6, 2020

About React Services


Ireland’s leading full service provider for property insurance claims, React specialise in restoring and repairing properties affected by fires, floods and other disasters. Their services include leak detection, cleaning, structural drying, plastering, joinery, roofing, tiling, plumbing, electrics and decorating. The firm has a team of fully trained technicians and provide a 24 hour emergency response service.

What were React Ireland’s Job Management Issues?

Ben Noble, Co-Owner of React Ireland explains, “As our business has grown we have found it increasingly inefficient to use paper-based job sheets. Paperwork could be lost, filed incorrectly or take days, even weeks to return to Head Office. Our field operatives lacked visibility of job details and what needed carried out on site. Delayed paperwork meant we were being paid months after a job had been finished as our accounts department could only invoice once they had received completed job sheets, signed by the client.


Benefits of WorkPal for React Ireland


“Since we implemented WorkPal, claim duration has reduced and people are back into their homes quicker as we have real time job progress of our staff to enable improved project delivery.

We have now removed duplication of administrative work. Reports are created onsite and sent straight to clients.

WorkPal has enabled us to increase profitability by reducing admin staff costs and better management of site time. We’re now more efficient in our business processes, helping us take on more work from our clients.

Jobs are now easily created which are then detailed on field staff’s mobile devices with a clear task list of what they need to do. Information is stored securely in the cloud meaning it’s readily accessible anywhere” explains Ben.

How did WorkPal Enhance Business Capabilities?


“WorkPal now enables us to work with clients who have higher claim volumes as we are more efficient and effective at handling their claims. We’ve become more competitive and with a fluid workflow management solution now in place, we are in better shape.”


Would You Recommend WorkPal?


”Definitely, especially for businesses who use traditional paper job sheets for their field staff and they need to improve their workflow. We’re noticing an increase in profits, better collaboration between teams and more satisfied clients.”