by | Oct 6, 2020

Portadown Recycling and Skip Hire has revolutionised business procedures and drastically reduced admin time by implementing WorkPal.

Date: 12th September 2017


Using the mobile app, workers have access to customised job sheets, can be guided easily through their tasks and can report back instantaneously on the progress. WorkPal manages jobs from assignment to invoicing, which can all be done from anywhere, even out in the field.

Covering areas right across the province, from Lisburn to Lurgan and everywhere in between, Portadown Recycling needed an efficient way to track their jobs and manage their time more effectively.


Wesley Jameson, Managing Director of Portadown Recycling:


“The purpose built app allows us to have a significantly improved line of communication with our workforce. This ensures our jobs and tasks for our clients are completed faster and more accurately.

“Our field based staff are able to view all the details of the contract with GPS drop locations and key contact personnel, along with any site specific notes and health and safety information.

“The app prompts our field staff to conduct vehicle safety checks, take pictures of jobs/assets and carry out risk assessments. This all automatically syncs back to our head office meaning we are not waiting on paperwork, allowing us to process jobs quicker and invoice customers faster.

“WorkPal definitely allows us to sell our services to our customers in a more professional manner. Customers are kept in the loop and can receive data within 60 seconds of the job being completed. This professional service means our customers are very satisfied, become repeat customers and even refer new business our way as a result.

“The improved efficiency means our field staff need to come into the office less, our administration staff are dealing with less paper and customers get their invoices quicker. All of this has resulted in an improved business process and we are expecting significant cost savings this year, so much so that I have recommended the app to friends in other businesses with field based staff.”


Ian Megahey, Head of WorkPal Sales:


“Portadown Recycling’s business processes were out dated and essentially losing them money. They came to WorkPal for a way to change that.

“WorkPal can be uniquely integrated with a company’s own internal systems, and is extremely user friendly, with completely bespoke packages available.

“Portadown Recycling was able to transform how the company operates through online job allocation, job sheets, vehicle checks, KPI reporting, GPS tracking, photos, signatures, CRM and asset management all from the app.

“The end outcome for our clients is less paper, less admin time, more profit and overall a more transparent experience between them and their customers. With GPS, time tracking and management, WorkPal increases productivity and allows our clients to capture costs more accurately, putting an end to under billing or under estimating job times by improving quotes.