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WorkPal Maximises Cost Savings for Gas and Controls

WorkPal Maximises Cost Savings for Gas and Controls

About Gas and Controls

With over a decade of trading under their belt, Gas and Controls continues to be one of Northern Ireland’s fastest growing gas detection and environmental monitoring companies.

Established in 2004, the Northern Ireland based company specialises in gas detection equipment, including gas safety systems, fixed gas detection systems & portable gas monitors. The company has experienced steady growth over the past few years introducing additional staff to meet increasing demand from new and existing customers.


What were Gas and Control’s Job Management Issues?

The increase in service engineers meant the company were spending vast amounts of time dealing with paper service reports, collecting them from the service engineers and scanning them individually on to a computer.

Gas & Controls Contracts Manager, Andrew Burnside explains, “With limited office staff this process was incredibly time consuming and negatively impacting on the other roles the office staff had to complete.”

“On top of this, finding out exactly where our engineers where and what work they had completed was difficult.”

A large percentage of Gas and Controls service work is reactive call outs, Andrew highlights, “With service engineers jumping from job to job it was difficult keeping accurate records of what was going on.”

“Unfortunately, these issues persisted when we transferred to another workforce management software.”


Benefits of Choosing WorkPal as your Workflow Management Software

Andrew and the team had previous concerns of using a workforce management software, however, after receiving in-depth demonstrations of the WorkPal software they were happy to move forward.

“Given the experience of the WorkPal staff in working with field service businesses, they instantly understood our issues and were on the same page right from our initial meeting.”

“Now using WorkPal we can instantly see the status of our jobs, which parts have been used, which service tasks have been completed and those still to be done. This drastically reduces the administrative time required in managing our service engineers.”

WorkPal tracks and monitors every aspect of your service engineer’s tasks enabling you to see an entire overview of all jobs. Engineer updates sync instantly back to the office, giving staff the ability to make informed business decisions about current and future works.

“WorkPal created copies of all our Service Report templates, so our service engineers complete these on their devices, with the office having instant access. Instant job status updates and the ability to view all our live jobs on a map allows us to schedule our work much more efficiently.”


How did WorkPal Enhance your Business Capabilities?

Andrew emphasised the data access issues they had previously experienced with other workforce management software. “Via WorkPal we have all our Clients, Sites, Assets, Products and much more centralised in the one location. With all this information displayed simply, we can answer any questions a staff member or customer asks, simply and efficiently.”

“WorkPal has definitely helped us improve our response rate to queries relating to service work completed, or when service work will be completed – all without having to make calls around multiple service engineers as we had to in the past.”

“Before implementing WorkPal we were on the verge of advertising for another admin assistant due to the amount of paper based processes going through our office. That requirement has been absorbed by WorkPal.”

“Not only has it saved us on employing more admin staff, it has provided existing staff with additional time to complete more profitable tasks. Service engineers are more profitable due to a reduction in paperwork and more efficient scheduling, and visibility on pretty much all business activities is drastically improved.”



Would You Recommend WorkPal?

Andrew says, “We would highly recommend WorkPal to any company carrying out field service work. The benefits of the software are immense when compared to the costs.”

Andrew admits, “We naively thought Gas & Controls were alone in the issues we faced, but after our initial demonstration our decision was made. WorkPal’s experience was impressive, their staff are knowledgeable and friendly and the whole process has been completely positive.”


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