by | Oct 6, 2020


Established in 2015, specialist, Excel Duct Cleaning was looking to introduce a workflow system to manage ventilation cleaning, Fire Damper Survey and Asset Management. Excel Duct Cleaning work closely with commercial companies, ensuring the testing and cleaning of all ventilation, extraction and Fire Dampers, carried out by a highly skilled team of engineers.


“Before WorkPal’s HVAC management software was introduced to the business, we relied solely on paper-based reports and forms, which were collated manually before being sent to customers. “The company found this process to be extremely time-consuming and a drain on resources that were needed in other areas of the business. “The administration time to complete this task was astronomical, to the point a member of the team had to be pulled out of the field to work on these full time.” This had a knock-on effect, leading to report delays to customers and a downturn in job productivity.



“We have seen a huge increase in both personnel and job productivity,” emphasised Excel Duct Cleaning Managing Director, Ricky Ives. “Having the ability to store a database of assets such as fire dampers, and have a complete service history while being able to quickly scan these assets, has made a massive difference to us as a company. Previously each asset had to be manually written out which cost us time on the job.” WorkPal’s Asset Management feature allows you to monitor and track the service history and movement of your assets. QR and barcode scanning helps field staff to identify specific assets, log any faults, and record any material used to improve first time fix rates.

“Additionally, we have been able to track the progress of jobs more closely through the Live Job List feature, facilitating us to accurately update customers with job progress.” Job lists can be filtered and customised to give users a detailed overview of real-time job information.

“We are now seeing how WorkPal will be able to help us further with the financial and business management sides of the business. By using WorkPal’s automated Invoicing feature and allowing us to quote directly to the customer, and consolidating all of this information on one system.”

Company Reporting and real-time information are critical to growth within a company, aiding in management decision making. “We are able to have reports built to consolidate asset forms completed, manage profit and loss reporting, allowing us to track our growth as we scale the business.”

“WorkPal will be an invaluable asset to us as we grow. It is such a scalable system.”



“The huge reduction in admin time we have seen since introducing WorkPal has allowed us more free time to pursue business growth and increase our maximal working capacity.” Customer reports which were previously taking weeks to complete by hand can now be completed in minutes.

Excel Duct Cleaning now has the resources needed to facilitate promoting and growing the company. “The huge reduction in admin time seen from implementing WorkPal will aid us in business growth – not to mention a more streamlined workflow system, creating a better work/life balance for our employees.”



“We as a business would definitely recommend WorkPal. The system is fantastic and the benefit to us has been endless. Implementing WorkPal has saved us from hiring a full-time administrator which would have cost us £25k + per annum. We will see increasingly more benefits of the system as we continue to grow due to its scalable nature.”

Additionally, the implementation, support and development teams at WorkPal have been fantastic in their approach to getting our system right. We knew what we wanted and they took the time to learn about our business and guided us through the process to get to the stage we are now at. Overall, a brilliant service.”