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Pure Fitout: Building a Better Workflow with WorkPal

Pure Fitout: Building a Better Workflow with WorkPal

Award winning interior fit out company, Pure Fitout has streamlined its workflow requirements after implementing WorkPal.


About Pure Fitout

Pure Fitout provides a fully integrated outlook on development and fit out using sustainable construction and environmental best practices. Established in 2015, Pure Fitout offers a range of services from small, bespoke shop fittings to major commercial roll-outs. Each of their projects are individually managed to guarantee value for money with the consistently high quality that is expected.

The company has been recognised for its outstanding work, being awarded Building Refurbishment for a Single Development at the Building and Architecture Awards. Their experience and knowledge of the industry have enabled them to grow significantly since they began with future plans to expand both their workforce and client base even further.


What were Pure Fitout’s job management issues?

Pure Facilities Manager, Shane McDonagh emphasised his company’s need for an effective workflow management solution to ensure all incoming jobs were scheduled and tracked. “The main issue we had was tracking jobs, mainly the facilities management end, with the extremely quick growth of our company and the growing demands of our ever expanding client base.” WorkPal’s scheduling, allocation and tracking features meant the company were able to manage incoming client requests more efficiently.

“From the start of a project to completion and invoicing, there were many different platforms being used to track and monitor jobs such as excel spreadsheets and handwritten job sheets. This was difficult and time consuming from an administrative point of view.” WorkPal incorporates all aspects of your workflow management, from job scheduling right through to quote management and invoicing. All information is collected and synced in real time, allowing staff to make informed decisions based on the job requirements.

Ian Megahey, Sales Director at WorkPal says, “When WorkPal was being developed by our in-house development team, we wanted it to be as simple as possible for users. The software is designed to be used by all employees in the business, from onsite contractors, administrative staff, project managers and managing directors.”


What are the benefits of WorkPal for Pure Fitout?

“WorkPal has really helped us monitor our job tracking. We are able to assign jobs directly to operative’s mobile phones instantly and monitor their progress, materials, timings and travel for each job,” says Mr McDonagh. “This means we are able to invoice quicker and more accurately than if we were waiting on timesheets and material lists. The ability to store information on previous jobs, dates, times, operatives, images and costs enables us to provide precise quotes to potential customers on the go from an iPad or from your desktop PC.”

WorkPal integrates with various other software providers including Sage, Xero and Quickbooks to provide a seamless experience for users. Invoices can be automatically generated once a job is completed and linked directly to your accounts team. “WorkPal has significantly reduced our administrative time as we have zero physical paper work to manage. This alone is a major benefit of the system.”


How did WorkPal enhance Business Capabilities?

Mr McDonagh highlights, “WorkPal enabled Pure Fitout to track and monitor progress on jobs. The reduced admin time enabled us to focus more energy on completing jobs, engage more with our clients and also take on more projects.”

“Being able to see progress on jobs without having to call our operatives have also helped with onsite efficiency. Our operatives have access to jobs and relevant information on their mobile devices, enabling them to improve their own productivity and concentrate on their workload.”


Would you recommend WorkPal?

“We would highly recommend WorkPal. The ease of use and structure of the WorkPal system has helped us to manage our workload effectively. To have all the information on one platform, accessible at any time or location, is the perfect solution for any company running both small and large scale projects and sites. We have recommended the system to other companies we work with as a solution for their job management issues.”


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