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Your Mobile Scheduling Software Guide

What is Workforce Scheduling?

Workforce scheduling is a crucial function of any business who have a mobile workforce. The role of admin staff can be varied. They manage daily rotas, assign jobs and confirm that the correct person with the correct skills are assigned where they are required. The day-to-day functions of admin staff are completed, all whilst trying to meet organisational level targets, and maximise the efficiency and productivity of the organisations mobile workforce.

On paper, the daily operations of meeting efficiency targets sound simple. However, what happens when issues arise during the day, unexpected delays, unavailability of mobile works or unplanned changes in the schedule. These issues happen in real time, and require the admin staff to carefully monitor, manage and communicate with mobile workers in the field. This can be incredibly time consuming, especially if your system is inflexible and lacks transparency.

Without admin staff and workforce scheduling, an organisation would halt. The mobile workforce wouldn’t know where they should be, and the organisations customers would not receive the quality service they should expect.


How do Admin Staff do Scheduling?

Admin staff juggle not only business requirements, but they also manage the real-life situations of mobile workers, their holidays, absences and any delays or issues in the field. This process tends to be manual. Workforce scheduling takes place via paper rotas, individually emailed or collected in the organisations office by the individual mobile worker. Communication is constant, and largely includes back and forth via telephone, with a manual updating of reporting changes as required. As you can imagine this can be a hugely time consuming process. And considerable changes to the schedule can put serious strain on the scheduling process. Especially around accessibility of admin staff due to call volume. If changes aren’t made quickly and effectively it can affect a mobile worker’s entire day, including the risk of delayed jobs, and jobs being missed entirely.


What does Mobile Scheduling Software do?

Real-time mobile scheduling software removes the traditional manual scheduling processes outlined above. It replaces them with an automated, flexible, transparent solution that schedules jobs live and delivers them directly to the field worker’s mobile device. Mobile scheduling software is all about efficiency. It’s about giving organisations the ability to provide field workers the right information at the right location at the right time. It keeps mobile workers focused on their immediate priorities and gives them full access to their work schedule, job briefs, all necessary documentation and real time integration with back-office systems. It even allows field staff to work seamlessly, whether they have a network connection or not. Information automatically syncs back to the server when they come back into network coverage.

For the admin staff, unexpected delays, sickness or job access issues are resolved easily. The schedule will automatically adjust and these changes are communicated to the mobile workers with minimal disruption. The workforce scheduling software works with the admin staff to make intelligent decisions based on the requirements of every given day, and the overall business objectives.


What are the Benefits?

The main benefits come in the form of time, and cost savings. By moving from physical schedules, and distribution of paper rotas, to a completely paperless mobile solution. Field workers can travel directly to their first job, confident that they are fully equipped with their work schedule, job briefs and all necessary documentation to provide a quality service. Admin staff time is freed up to focus on meeting organisation level targets and maximise the quality and capacity of the mobile workforce. This is due to the automation of the scheduling process, providing flexibility in assigning the appropriate person to the appropriate job in real time. Avoiding missed jobs, delays and maximising productivity.

“We have been able to tailor WorkPal to suit our needs entirely and we have now placed it at the heart of our business. The app is very user friendly and the transition from our old system was seamless thanks to the dedicated project management team at WorkPal.”

– Richard O’Lone, ROL Testing


Our in house software development team has created the mobile technology to enhance productivity, reduce paper and process documentation efficiently. We have demonstrated mobile workflow management with our clients and showed clear, tangible savings in efficiency, cost and time. But don’t take our word for it, see our client’s results in their own words on our case study page.

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