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With so many different software’s available to manage your mobile workforce, how do you compare one against another? Depending on your business sector and individual needs some features may be more essential to your daily running than others. However, there are a number of features that have proved more popular than others for businesses with field-based workers. Therefore, we’ve deemed these the best field service management software features.





Managing all incoming job requests can be difficult when you have a number of field workers across the country. One of the best features of implementing WorkPal’s field service management software is having the ability to schedule future jobs based on live status updates. Back office staff have a full overview of job statuses and scheduled future work. This makes scheduling new incoming jobs much easier as they can see which engineers will be available to complete the work. Our unique drag and drop technology allows users to make changes much easier and faster, with live updates being sent to the assigned engineers.





Staying on top of quotations is an essential process of any business. Often, quotes are missed and work can be lost because of the length of time it takes to get a quote out to the customer. Using our software allows you to stay on top of budgets and provide accurate quotations by maintaining real-time cost history against particular assets and monitor performance. Accurately forecasting material costs, timescales and resources improve the process of providing sustainable and viable quotations.




Asset Management-website

One of our best performing and most popular field service management software features is the ability for users to manage assets. From fleet maintenance to heavy industrial machinery, WorkPal allows you to monitor and track the service history and movement of business assets. Our built-in asset scanning feature enables your mobile workforce to scan a QR or bar code and identify specific assets, see a full service/works history, record any current faults and record any materials used. This streamlines the maintenance and repair process, making future works much easier for the next engineer.





Going paperless is a major benefit of switching to a field service management software. WorkPal can transform all your paper-based forms into digital forms, all stored within the software. Users can easily access all paperwork within their specific jobs. From risk assessments and method statements to fire safety and calibration certificates, WorkPal can transform your forms into a digital format. Data captured from the WorkPal app will be automatically synced back to the desktop to generate your digital forms for email and export.




Never miss an invoice again with automatically generated invoiced through WorkPal. The best field service management software’s capture all the costs associated with each job and integrate with your accountancy software to provide a seamless experience for users. WorkPal calculates hourly rates, materials used and service costs on a client-by-client basis. This information is then synced to the back office for an invoice to be generated and emailed to the customer. This streamlines the entire invoicing process, producing accurate and instant invoicing which significantly improves cash flow.

The best field service management software features will streamline your business process, saving you time and money.