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WorkPal Streamlines JMK’s Mobile Workforce

WorkPal Streamlines JMK’s Mobile Workforce


Established in 2008, JMK has grown over the years into a specialist company for the installation of large scale industrial and commercial electrical projects and industry-leading CCTV. JMK work with some of the world-leading companies providing a high-quality service. JMK’s main headquarters resides in Omagh however the company serves customers all across the UK and Ireland daily.


JMK has a mobile workforce of over 20 engineers scattered across the country, therefore, the allocation of jobs and management of field workers was becoming difficult for the back office staff. Paperwork was mounting up and becoming a major issue within the office.

With a large number of engineers on the ground, each having daily job sheets to complete, the company were experiencing a “continual build-up of paperwork. Each job sheet completed by an engineer had to be processed and matched to individual jobs, causing a bottleneck within the workflow process and was inevitably costing the business money.


By using WorkPal, JMK is able to manage everything through a single piece of software. From initial quotations to job scheduling for the engineers and final customer sign off, WorkPal provides an all-in-one platform to manage the entire workflow and job process. Everything is stored within the WorkPal software, therefore, quoting for future jobs becomes much easier and faster, records of resources used and customer signatures are all available at the click of a button.

WorkPal also integrates with most major accounts systems including Xero, Quickbooks and Sage providing a complete end-to-end job management tool for both your mobile force and back office staff.

“All jobs are issued with a Job Number via WorkPal and this is then carried throughout all resources used on the job including materials, labour and mileage cost making it much easier to generate the end invoice for the customer.” With WorkPal office staff are able to keep track of how many hours have been spent on a job and the materials required. This information can be very usual when quoting for similar jobs, saving the business time money.

“I found that prior to implementing WorkPal items were easily missed off an invoice and this was subsequently costing the business money.”

Having the ability to schedule jobs and push these out to field workers via their mobile devices made allocation much simpler and faster for everyone. Streamlining the workflow process is what WorkPal is made for.

With JMK engineers working all over the UK and Ireland, having the ability to see live job status is critical to the business running smoothly. Engineers can edit and add notes to the job from anywhere and our office staff can see live status updates how far along the job is. Drawings and images can be added to the job and discussed with the engineer on-site.


WorkPal has significantly helped JMK improve and streamline its workflow process. The paperless system provides an easy to use interface that provides engineers and back office staff with all the relevant information in real-time.

Being able to see live job status’ makes prioritising, scheduling and managing mobile workforce jobs much easier. Engineer allocation becomes simpler and overall effectiveness and quality is improved.


“I would definitely recommend Workpal to other users as it has saved our company both time and money.”



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