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WorkPal Facilitates Sleator Plant’s Jump Forward into a Fully Paperless Environment

WorkPal Facilitates Sleator Plant’s Jump Forward into a Fully Paperless Environment

Class-leading construction machinery franchise, Sleator Plant has made the leap to a completely paperless working environment with WorkPal’s workflow management software.

About Sleator Plant

Sleator Plant supplies construction plant machinery in Ireland for brands such as Mecalac (site dumpers, compaction rollers and backhoes), Terex-Trucks (articulated off-road hauliers) and Terex-Genie (access equipment and telehandlers).

Looking to streamline their business processes, Sleator Plant was looking for a paperless solution to manage their day to day activities.

What were Sleator Plant’s Job Management Issues?

Sleator Plant was, like many, reliant still on a paperwork system of job cards and filing. The common problems of lost job sheets, time-consuming data entry and slow invoicing was a driving factor in the company making the switch to a fully paperless office.

Aaron McCaul from Sleator Plant emphasised, “Our new dynamic approach to the business highlighted the need to jump forward into a fully paperless service environment. We also needed a better way to record machinery history and forward plan further maintenance.”

WorkPal’s live job list allows office staff to see, at a glance, which jobs are currently being worked on. Field engineers complete scheduled jobs onsite, filling out any additional expenses incurred. Once the job is marked as complete and a customer signature is received, all information including labour, travel and materials is stored in the WorkPal system, making job cards a thing of the past.

WorkPal’s asset management feature gives you the ability to monitor and track the service history and movement of your assets. Asset scanning is available, allowing mobile workers to scan a QR or bar code through WorkPal which helps to identify specific assets, log any faults and record any materials used to improve first-time fix rates.

What are the benefits of WorkPal for Sleator Plant?

“The WorkPal system has jumped us 10 years forward in regards to operating a completely paperless service department.” WorkPal’s software means offices can now streamline their business operations, creating more accurate records and reducing administration time.

“WorkPal also integrates health and safety aspects, timecards, location tracking and technical data storage on the devices, which can also double up as a mobile phone.”

WorkPal’s bundle offerings create a unique package for our clients encompassing the WorkPal software, device and SIM all under the one contract.

How did WorkPal Enhance Business Capabilities?

WorkPal offers businesses the ability to build an overview of their job history, facilitating better planning and decision making on a management level.

“We can now easily build asset histories, forward plan future maintenance, and at the same time, it is completely tailored to Sleator Plant and how we process manage.

“It also allowed us to automate tasks than frees man hours for productive business growth, not just cope with the paperwork backlog.”

Would You Recommend WorkPal?

“Sleator Plant would definitely recommend WorkPal, and of course their support team. They assisted us every step of the way in the integration process, helping by giving experienced examples of how some other companies use it best.”



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