MyRoofCare Looks to the Future with WorkPal

MyRoofCare Looks to the Future with WorkPal



The UK’s first ever roof care provider, MyRoofCare is striving for huge growth in 2019 thanks to WorkPal streamlining its business processes and creating a more efficient working environment.


About MyRoofCare

MyRoofCare, supplies roof maintenance services to both domestic and commercial clients across the West of Scotland. The company has plans for rapid growth within the next 12 months after identifying a gap in the market for roofing maintenance. As the first of its kind, MyRoofCare provides a proactive approach to roofing with two annual maintenance inspections and gutter cleans, plus an annual repair allowance to ensure homes, factories and retail units do not suffer from unexpected leaks and expensive repair bills.


What were MyRoofCare’s Job Management Issues?

As the UK’s first ever roof care provider there was no current system in place to effectively manage the annual inspections within concise date order. MyRoofCare had previously been using spreadsheets to keep track of upcoming and scheduled jobs.

Darren McGhee, Managing Director of MyRoofCare says, “We found it particularly difficult to manage workflow when we came across scheduling repairs for our clients as well as our on-call teams.

“Providing a service like this is not simply about the scheduled appointments, we are a 24/7 operation and have a team of dedicated and experienced roofers as well as our financial, administrative and marketing team. It is important for us to be working from one platform to ensure the smooth operation and provide a streamlined approach to a responsive business.”


What are the benefits of WorkPal for MyRoofCare?

WorkPal offers customer’s seamless integration with their current business processes meaning implementation is quick and easy. Darren highlights, “WorkPal integrated with our business seamlessly, it was almost like it was designed just for us. The software houses the relevant client data, and auto schedules the annual maintenance inspections for each client.” By providing customers with the ability to better manage their current jobs, the business has the opportunity to expand its current customer base more effectively.

“Our roof inspectors are provided with tablets which ensures they receive their job list each morning, and more importantly they can provide detailed reports on site which are submitted back to our head office. This enables us to schedule repair work if necessary or advise our clients their roof is still in good condition.”

WorkPal allows management to track job progress including where field workers are and what jobs they have been assigned to. MyRoofCare operates in a reactive industry and the tracking feature of WorkPal allows them to make better informed decisions based on operator logistics. “The most beneficial feature is that we can see from the office where our inspectors are, meaning when emergency calls come in we can send the job to the closest team.”


How has WorkPal enhanced MyRoofCare’s business capabilities?

Darren emphasises, “WorkPal has allowed MyRoofCare to deliver detailed live reports to our clients & provides a platform where both office and road teams can keep up to date without making hundreds of calls per day. The auto schedule feature keeps everything running smoothly and ensures all of our clients are receiving their inspections on a 6 monthly basis.


Would you recommend WorkPal?

“Now we have been using WorkPal we couldn’t see any other way of operating any business let alone one of this nature. To have a place that holds relevant client data, schedules jobs, creates quotations easily, submits invoices and tracks payments takes hours of work away from the management team and allows us to focus on the growth of the company. Thanks to WorkPal, the only way is up for MyRoofCare so I, and the rest of the team would strongly recommend the software and thank WorkPal for taking our headaches away.”


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