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Mash Direct & WorkPal

Mash Direct & WorkPal

AWARD-winning Co Down food producer, Mash Direct has implemented WorkPal to manage internal maintenance of their growing facility in Comber.

Mash Direct employs over 180 people at its farm, where they produce and supply vegetable and potato products to supermarkets (including Asda and Morrisons) and independent retailers across the UK and Ireland and exports to the USA and the Middle East.

Mash Direct was founded by Martin and Tracy Hamilton as a family business, in 2004 diversifying from their potato and vegetable farm to producing products more convenient to consumers. Their products include prepared potato, croquettes, potato cakes and vegetable burgers.

With a growing number of maintainable assets currently over 250, Mash Direct was facing a number of challenges when managing both planned and reactive maintenance and looked into a number of maintenance management systems before choosing WorkPal.

What were Mash Direct’s internal maintenance management issues?

“As a rapidly growing business, we wanted to ensure that our growth wouldn’t outstrip our maintenance plans.  With WorkPal we can remotely issue both planned and reactive maintenance jobs to our engineer’s devices who pick it up instantly and can attend to the job much more quickly.” Explained Lance Hamilton from Mash Direct.

The structure of the maintenance activities has improved and WorkPal reports show the KPIs. This information can then be used used for further improvement.

Mash Direct are now able to run custom KPI reports which can provide key insights into asset condition. “Thanks to WorkPal we can analyse maintenance data and make decisions to either continue maintenance or replace the asset altogether. Assets that are continually breaking down are expensive and we can make informed decisions based on our WorkPal reports.” Explains Lance.

“One of the main issues we faced was planned maintenance was not always up to date which led to a higher frequency of breakdowns. This costs the company in the form of downtime. WorkPal has allowed us to keep up to date with planned maintenance meaning fewer breakdowns and more savings”.

Benefits of WorkPal for Mash Direct?

The execution of preventative maintenance helps to avoid asset failures. However, the execution of too much preventative maintenance can cause inefficiency. By using WorkPal reporting and by keeping up with the KPIs, WorkPal clients can find the right balance between preventative and corrective maintenance for their organisation and can optimise profits.

“We find WorkPal beneficial from scheduling preventative maintenance tasks to track historical data from each individual machine and everything in between. Moving away from a clunky paper-based system has saved us substantial administrative hours”. Explains Lance.

How did WorkPal Enhance Maintenance Capabilities?

“Each of our engineers carries a rugged device which has the WorkPal app. Jobs are pushed instantly to these devices which then creates a daily schedule with both planned and reactive maintenance jobs. One of the important benefits of WorkPal is its ease of use- our engineers can navigate easily and are led through set processes to ensure health and safety compliance.” Explains Lance.

“On WorkPal we can schedule planned maintenance and set the frequency of the tasks. So if a weekly task is completed it automatically creates a repeating task for the following week. This saves admin time for our maintenance team.”

Would You Recommend WorkPal?

“I would recommend WorkPal to any asset-intensive organisations to improve the efficiency of servicing and maintenance operations. The ease of use, in particular, is a benefit.”


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