Efficient Asset Management with WorkPal


Efficient Asset Management with WorkPal

A common challenge that businesses offering mobile services face is how to provide a quick and complete service at a competitive cost. Achieving this means keeping track of vital assets with reliable asset management software.

WorkPal allows you to monitor and track the service history and movement of your assets. Asset scanning, where mobile workers can scan a QR code or bar code through WorkPal. This helps field staff to identify specific assets, log any faults, and record any material used to improve first time fix rates.

This information can then be used in the back office to run asset reports to identify assets which may be failing most often, KPI reports, downtime reports, etc. In fact, if the information exists, WorkPal can create a diagnostic report from it.

“Thanks to WorkPal we can analyse maintenance data and make decisions to either continue maintenance or replace the asset altogether. Assets that are continually breaking down are expensive and we can make informed decisions based on our WorkPal reports.”

Lance Hamilton, Mash Direct


5 Benefits of Asset Management Software

1. Save money while improving your productivity

Asset management software primarily helps an organisation save money, optimise the Return on Investment of all its assets and improve its current condition by eliminating expensive emergency repairs, increased asset longevity and improving equipment uptime through effective preventative maintenance, predictive upkeep and conditional monitoring. It also reduces fines and negative publicity through regular inspections.

2. A big time saver

Asset management software can save your valuable time and reduces the time spent to search information related to equipment, facilities and other physical assets by a time saving communication through proper context, equipment database, smart filtering and eliminating paper checklists.

3. Enhanced productivity can be witnessed

Reliable asset management software like WorkPal assures effective management of user reference materials, manuals and product support. If the employees have an access to support, they can contribute to the increased level of productivity of an organisation. The flow of communication within the organisation becomes better when all the employees have the same view of vital information hosted in a single, centralised software solution.

4. Security Risks are reduced greatly

WorkPal comes with Mobile Device Management (MDM) and Mobile Threat Management (MTM) solutions. Organisations can identify unauthorised software prevent users from viruses’ attack in their devices. This in turn keeps a check on the risks of costly damages caused by viruses. It also reduces the time taken by IT for software-related enquiries by employees misusing software.

5. Reduces Downtime and Improves service

Our asset management software prevents expensive and unproductive downtime, thereby, improving an organisation’s productivity, responsiveness, safety and reliability. WorkPal Software is backed up with reminders, tracking tools, and documentation support which altogether prevents you from the risk of theft through physical asset inventory control.


An Asset Management Software is an essential tool for all sized organisations for safeguarding its assets. It helps you in make the management of your resources easier and transparent consistently.


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