Your Comfort Zone is Killing Your Business

“But we’ve always done it this way” is no longer a valid excuse. Please stop using it!

“Change” is a word that scares the bravest of people. In today’s business environment, it is something that happens regularly and if you don’t embrace it you’ll soon notice you’re falling behind.

For everyone, their comfort zone is their safe place. Familiar, warm and fuzzy. Comfort zones are a major reason why businesses fail – especially with the pace at which technology is now moving.

For many businesses, making the switch to a digital platform is hard. We’ve heard every excuse in the book. From “It’ll take too long” to “It costs too much”. Both of which are rubbish statements.

How your paper-loving comfort zone is damaging your business:

1. Manual Data Entry = Strained/underutilised Resources

How many office staff do you have manually inputting data into your current system? We often find businesses have multiple steps in place for the same process. By digitising certain parts of the workflow process, duplicated work is removed. Just because Joe has been inputting timesheets and expenses for the last 25 years doesn’t mean this is the most effective way of doing things. Rather than having an engineer submit a timesheet to Joe, who then inputs that into your system, WorkPal allows engineers to start and stop a job which automatically generates their timesheets. By stepping out of that comfort zone you are able to see that there is a way of streamlining this process, freeing Joe up to do more productive tasks.

2. Physical Paperwork – Misplaced information/Impractical

If you’ve worked in an office for a considerable amount of time, you will know that filing cabinets are black holes and paperwork often is never seen again once it goes in. The process of filing physically paperwork is not only a draining and unnecessary process, but it is also not practical for your business in terms of storage and accessibility. By switching to a digital platform, all paperwork is stored in the cloud making it easily accessible, manageable and practical for everyone in the business.

3.  Manual Invoicing – Negative Cashflow

Put your hand up if you are still generating invoices manually? No. Just no. More than likely, businesses fail due to cash flow problems. Why is this? Lost invoices, forgotten invoices? By inserting another step between signing off on a completed job and sending out the customer invoice leaves room for error. With WorkPal, once your client has signed off that a job has been completed, an invoice is automatically generated and sent. Faster invoicing = Faster payments, meaning improved cashflow. Ta-da!

Don’t let your paper comfort zone stop your business from growing.

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